About us

Hi 👋  - we're Gurpreet and Alexander. We believe that bringing human emissions to zero will stop the climate change. We've built successful startups and realised we’d rather un-fuck the world than make more money.

At GiveZero we work pro-bono, investing our time and resources to make sure the climate crisis is addressed. An offshoot of a larger organisation, Imagine Zero, our mission is to make it easy for people to take meaningful action against the climate crisis and empower them to act now.

We believe in strength in numbers: Collaborating on meaningful and measurable projects that scale and make a difference.

Let's make emissions tangible

In order for us to keep the Earth from warming no more than 1.5°C, businesses and individuals alike need to take action. How? Through education, policy changes, transformation of industries, different consumption patterns and getting everybody involved - including you!

We care deeply about transparency, efficiency, and impact. That’s why we partner with the leading established NGOs, supporting Gold Standard certified projects, so you know exactly how your donation is being spent.

By investing in climate positive projects that have a substantial impact, you can begin contributing to the solution to a well-known problem. Let’s preserve our world by changing how we treat it.