There’s a lot of information related to the climate crisis. It’s overwhelming. We get it. Please find below some FAQs to better navigate GiveZero and if you can’t find what you’re looking for - drop us a line! 


Are we a registered charity?

Yes, we are a full non-profit charity, registered in Germany.

Can I receive a donation receipt?

Of course. Being registered as a nonprofit in Germany, we provide it by default.

What makes GiveZero different from the rest of the NGOs out there? 

GiveZero is an initiative started from passionate people within the tech and start up space. 

We work pro-bono, meaning we’re a group of professionals investing our time and resources to make sure the problem is addressed. Our mission is to get the conversation flowing on climate change and to foster change through action. This means, we need your help!

Where does my money go?

Because of how important this question is, we answer it in detail. Have a look at Facts.

How does offsetting work?

We partner with leading non-profits who specialise in carbon offsetting. Our partners have already reviewed where we can have the biggest impact, for every euro spent. Some of the offsetting projects include: 

  • Efficient cooking stoves to create energy efficiency; 
  • Renewable energy to utilise natural resources (i.e. solar, hydro, wind); and
  • Biogas plants to generate energy 

Industrialised countries are the main driver for climate change, however the consequences will be first noticed from undeveloped nations due to a lack of resources. Therefore, we partner with organisations who invest in climate protection initiatives in developing nations where the ROI and impact is greatest . 

How do we choose which impact positive activity to donate to? 

We partner with established NGOs in the climate impact space, who have won numerous recognition and awards for having the highest standards. This includes transparency over their supply chain, from donation to project to impact, in addition to the scientific research and studies used to calculate emissions and the respective impact. 

Right now, we are partnering with atmosfair, established in 2005 with a strong endorsement from the German Federal Environmental Agency. The current projects are either registered as, or in the process for applying for, a CDM Gold Standard Project. They have a rigorous project selection process, where they examine, review, and test the chances for a successful implementation, 

Why paper? 

It’s one of the few materials that can be fully recycled in an environmentally friendly way. We use 100% recycled paper that has been awarded the “Blue Angel” environmental seal, which protects the environment, reduces water waste, and saves on energy consumption. We use a local printery, using organic colours based on vegetable oils instead of fossil fuels. 

One might ask “why isn’t our product digital?” and the answer is simple: Our customers want to be able to gift something tangible and provide a climate-positive solution by replacing traditional, harmful gifts with something that invests into our future.

Can I ship to multiple addresses? 


Where do you ship? 


What currency is accepted? 

Our default currency is Euros, however we accept all currencies dependent on your payment provider. 

I love it, how can I help?

From collaborating on other projects we work on at Imagine Zero, to spreading the word about GiveZero, there are so many ways for you to get involved. We’d love to hear from you via email!

I can’t find my question

Please check out our Facts/About Us page for more information. Alternatively, we are happy to receive your email, drop us a line at hi@give-zero.org