How it works

We’re a registered nonprofit that turns emissions reduction into a gift for friends and family. Emissions are calculated based on the latest consumption-based per-capita numbers. You can find an overview and the scientific sources at Our World in Data.

1. Our donations replace coal with biomass

Your donations directly subsidize the buying of crop residue from farmers in Padampur, India. In the rotting residue emitted huge amounts of Methane. The residue is burned in a biomass plant, replacing coal.

Leaving coal in the ground reduces how much greenhouse gases end up in the atmosphere. This carbon offsetting project creates additional income for local farmers.

This project reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by approximately 50,000 t of CO₂e/year. It’s run by award-winning atmosfair and complies with the Gold Standard. More information about the project.

Why does it work?

Before, the crop residue is left to rot and its carbon goes to the atmosphere. Coal is burned to create electricity. Burning the crop reside creates similar emissions to letting it rot. Thanks to the plant, coal stays in the ground, reliably reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Validated and the highest standards

Germany’s most reputable agency for products and services, Stiftung Warentest, did a comparative test of compensation providers. They evaluated who does the most for climate protection. We work with atmosfair, the winner of that comparative analysis.

Your voluntary tip boosts our fight against the climate crisis

During checkout, you can add an additional tip donation that fights the climate crisis in innovative ways.


This environmental law charity deploys some of the best lawyers to hold governments and companies accountable over climate change, nature loss, and pollution. It was named the most effective player in a survey of UK environmental groups.


This is a policy-focused advocacy group and think-tank in Germany that raises awareness and drafts laws to make Germany climate-neutral by 2035. Because of its momentum and involvement in the political process, each donation makes a large impact.

Imagine Zero

This is us, the nonprofit association behind GiveZero. Our mission is to build NGOs the startup way, i.e. highly scalable and with measurable impact. We’re pulling people from the startup ecosystem into fighting the climate crisis and can use every support we can get.

2. Our nonprofit calculation

Atmosfair, our charitable partner, charges 23€ to compensate for a metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂e). They reliably select and nurture impactful projects. 

Imagine Zero e.V., the charity running GiveZero, is a nonprofit. Hence we only charge what’s necessary (max. 8% of your donation plus shipping) to keep operations running. We ship and produce climate-neutral. Because we’re charitable, you get a donation receipt for your full payment.

3. Our own climate footprint

GiveZero is climate-positive, that means more greenhouse gases get compensated than emitted. Also, we only use fossil-free materials certified with the highest available standards. Find out more about our climate footprint.