Our climate footprint

GiveZero is climate-positive

Our products are produced and delivered carbon-neutral. We offset the emissions from all operations to make sure that each product compensates what it promises and that you can trust there are no hidden emissions. Because it's hard to assess the small footprint of hosting and online marketing, we generously compensate to be on the safe side. After all, GiveZero is not about profits but about reducing the human carbon footprint.

Our materials are certified according to the highest European standards.

Our products are carbon-neutral, 100% recycled paper, and fossil-free

It’s printed by a carbon-neutral print company from Hannover. The paper we use for our bookmarks is high-quality recycled paper and it’s being printed with eco-friendly inks. They’re plant-based, free of heavy metals, and certified with the most important EU eco labels, including the Blue Angel. And of course- they’re crisp and beautiful!

The cover letters are printed on recycled paper.

We still print them at home, so there’s currently no alternative. We compensate for that process and as soon as the order volume allows us to do that without generating paper waste, we will switch to a larger-scale, eco-friendly infrastructure.

Our envelopes are carbon-neutral, recycled and fossil-free

They’ve been awarded the Blue Angel for outstanding environmentally friendly product design. They’re printed with the same plant-based eco-friendly inks as our products.

The wrapping paper we suggest during checkout is 100% recycled paper.

We buy the gift wrapping from a small shop in Göttingen and compensate for shipping and handling.

We make up for the emissions from delivery

We make sure our products reach their destination timely and compensate for the emissions that comes with.