What can I do to stop climate change?

This is not a task list - choose what feels right for you. Change spreads socially. Happy humans that take action are the best ambassadors

  1. Stay up-to-date.
    Imagine Zero lists the best podcasts!
  2. Engage in an NGO.
    Matcha lists the best ones in Germany
  3. Less meat and dairy.
    Plants are climate friendly and there are tons of tasty recipes
  4. Fly less or compensate
    Atmosfair and FlyGood let you do it easily.
  5. Shift your investments
    Invest into GLS Bank's climate funddivest your fund from fossil, invest in Fossil Free Funds. Own stock? Allow urgewald to use it.
  6. Vote and sign petitions
    Matcha lists German petitions as does a quick web search
  7. Evangelize
    There's great literature on how to convince people to take action. Spoiler: It's the rational arguments that win.
  8. Clean up the sky
    Replace gifts with GiveZero and make it recurring with 50zero
  9. Donate to NGOs.
    The impact of ClientEarth is huge.
  10. Kickstart your knowledge
    Imagine Zero has your Knowledge Kickstart.


This is a list of things you can do. Others created similar ones: Tipps & Challenges (Klimawette), GreenQuarantine.org and 3fuersklima.de (German)