Bookmark for two days' worth of emissions

Bookmark for two days' worth of emissions

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No evacuations of coastal cities, healthy ecosystems producing food for billions of humans, no bushfires the size of countries, populous countries that maintain access to water and fertile soil: Stopping climate change is a generational challenge for all of humanity.

If we meet the Paris Agreement’s and limit global warming to 1.5°C, we’ll leave a beautiful, livable planet to our kids.

The only way to get there is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. This present is a donation that offsets 53 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents. That translates to two days of per-capita greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. We work with reputable partners and only support projects meeting the highest standards.

Giving this gift to a friend, colleague or family member is a valuable first step to safeguarding the world as we know it for the next generation.

💚  We're a registered European nonprofit

You'll receive a donation receipt. As a German citizen you can use it to deduct at your next tax declaration and we’re getting the paperwork to allow deductions for all EU citizens.

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